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Tricky CSS

The hours late at night are quiet.

Except for the programmer who stays up solving problems, creating new experiences, and going the extra mile to put it all into place. Most, if not all of what you see on a website is the styling of a programmer’s talents. Regardless of how cool a design may look in mock-up it still needs to be written in code for Chrome, or Firefox, or god forbid IE. This is where real talent comes in. When you can match the style and reproduce it with the striking of keys like a pianist with sound.

SWAI Design creates with vision and programming.

The advantage is that we know what we can program so we design what we can program.

Cascading Styling Sheets or CSS is the standard programming language for styling HTML websites. With the right skill you can make pixel perfect reproductions of mock-ups and existing websites. SWAI Design takes 10 years of experience and poors it into the work we do. WIth new tools and standards in CSS we want to push the boundaries of what we can display on our sites.

Don't let simple looks deceive

It takes a lot to get things right. We got all of it. Whether it maybe complex gradients or button animation don't put it past us to be pushing boundaries on the back-end. Our creativity pushes our programming. SWAI Design wants to be a leader in beautiful design on the edge of current techniques and technology.

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    Now you can get your online presence jump started all in one place. SWAI Design is here to show you why we love design. Become our customer and you'll immediately know why we can make your own customers come back again and again.

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