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SWAI Design has one mission. To make you love design too!

We believe that design needs to function beautifully. Whether that be an amazing looking button or a poster that makes your message go BOOM in your audience’s mind. The best design conveys message above all.


Sam Woods  is a professional freelance graphic artist and web developer who runs SWAI Design, LLC out of Wellsville, Utah.

With experience in many fields of work and disciplines he folds it all into his ambitions of great story telling through excellent design like a million layers of damascus steel. From hand coding to CMS, these environments are native territory. The web is full of all the tools needed for the next best design and the stories are told consicely and effectively through all mediums.

Whether it’s through copy, video, images, or audio. Your message is going to impact the markets with force when SWAI Design takes up the reigns.


Graphics and Website Development are the cornerstone of today’s business models. Nobody can acheive the high levels of success they yearn for without a sharp, meaningful, and effective image and online presence campaign.

Graphic Arts is a foundational principal to SWAI Design’s toolkit. Nobody can make moves in the mainstream industries without excellent graphics whether that is through web, advertising, or video. It is truly art when your audience can grasp your message almost instantly through your marketing graphics.

Website Development is now the only way to present your business to the infinite pool of consumers and B2B opportunities. Whether it’s simple landing pages, a multi-site presence, or an interactive story of your passion web development is the forte of SWAI Design. Lightening fast hand coded landing pages, or robust CMS developement we have what it takes to launch your business from the trenches to the frontlines of the war for consumer attention.

Social Media is now the strongest SEO tool for modern developers and businesses. No other way can get you the dizzingly immense amount of content to consumers as fast as it can, and execute rich, dynamic, and effective SEO for your online presence. Without an extensive social media campaign your marketing will be limping its way through the rest of the century. Whether it’s Youtube, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or a single Facebook business page SWAI Design is ready to outpace all your competition and guide you to the balance of social marketing and your regular business and lifestyle needs.

Search Engine Optimization is not the same crowded list of keywords it used to be. With the advent of the above mention of Social Media tools and new search engine algorithms and practices, SEO is now a dynamic, quick, and tiring game. You cannot focus on one aspect of your web campaigning and expect it to keep you up in the rankings of the global SEO race the next day. Google is reported to change its algorithms 500 to 600 times annually. This is far too quick to even take a single day off of SEO management. Luckily, SWAI Design can help you obtain all the skills and insfrustructure to do this, and provide intuitive analytics of your rankings and page optimization.

Marketing is the strategy that drives all the above. When you have great strategy whether it be a social media campaign, how your website will funnel leads, or what keywords you want to show up in searches. Marketing us the underlying principal to almost all design when it comes to small business. When you invest in marketing with SWAI Design we get ready to push you to the top from the very beginning. With Mapping Sessions, Monthly Reporting, Consultations, and in depth analysis don’t think you’ll have to worry about the drive to success with SWAI Design.

Site Administration is not native territory for all our clients. Updating, analysis, debugging. These can be foreign words to the small business entrepreneur. Whether it’s full blown E-Commerce maintenance, malware monitoring, data back-ups, or continuous optimizations. SWAI Design will give you a leg up without adding onto your work load.



Located in beautiful Cache Valley Utah, SWAI Design has years of practice managing projects remotely and on-site. We can strategize effectively through VOIP and video conferencing, or be in person for local businesses and clients.


You get support from the top.

Not only can SWAI Design help you with setting up your site, web presence, and marketing, we also have great support for all of our ongoing projects. You won’t be left waiting while your users flounder around on a broken web page, or you cannot respond to their emails or messages. The help is there and we urge you to use it.



Good design and great function is our passion. The foundational principals are engrained in our core. Everything we do is done with Voice, Image, and Utility in mind. No sentence is too meager to not think through. You won’t wait to understand why we chose to do what we did because we’ll be excited to share with you our ideas and philosophies on great design and how they can bring you to the top.




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What We Do in the Shadows

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Now you can get your online presence jump started all in one place. SWAI Design is here to show you why we love design. Become our customer and you'll immediately know why we can make your own customers come back again and again.

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